Containers For Sale Or Rent

Container Sizes Available

  • 20’ and 40’ standard height (8’6” tall) containers in stock
  • 40’ High cube (9’6” tall) containers in stock
  • 45’ and 48’ and 53’ available, but not stocked in our yard
  • 20’ and 40’ open top containers available but not stocked in our yard
  • 20’ and 40’ one-trip containers, available but not stocked in our yard

Note: A one-trip container is manufactured overseas, loaded with cargo, and shipped to the US. Once it arrives, the cargo is unloaded, and the container is sold. It has made only ‘one trip,’ which is why it is called a one-trip container.



Container Grades

Our containers are graded by an A B C rating system.

A = Good paint on the exterior, decent interior paint, minor rust, good roof, good doors, and good floors. Colors vary. The most expensive container we stock.

B = Decent paint exterior, ok interior paint, more visible rust, good roof, good doors, floors have been repaired. Colors vary. The most popular container we sell.

C = Paint is rougher, more visible rust, and more excessive than B grade, good roof, good doors with some rust on corners of doors, dents or scrapes on sides of the container. We sell a lot of these to people that are modifying or for their DIY projects.

Which is right for you? For the average customer who wants to do nothing, most will buy the A grade. B grade is our most popular container, and C Grade is great for someone who wants to modify a container, such as build a tiny house, a container house, or a portable shop.

Uses for Containers

  • Portable shop
  • Secure storage
  • Extra storage space
  • Guard shack
  • Equipment storage
  • Mobile Storage
  • Tool Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Jobsite Tool Box
  • Furniture storage
  • Hay storage
  • Feed storage
  • Remodeling storage
  • Car storage
  • Firewood Storage
  • Lockable safe storage
  • Wind and Watertight Storage
  • Tiny houses
  • Container homes
  • Rural secure storage
  • Remote safe storage
  • and 1000’s of other uses!


We strongly recommend coming to our facility in Kankakee, IL, to see our wide selection of containers. It’s wise to have a good idea of what you are planning on doing with the container, a budget you have in mind, and possibly a picture or video of where you want the container placed.

Rental – Residential Lease – Commercial

We also rent containers. 20’ containers are most common for residential use, and 40’ Standard or High Cube containers are most common for Industrial, Commercial, Jobsite, or Construction Sites.

We have a 90-day minimum for rental agreements. If you need something short-term, we can usually accommodate this request. The customer is responsible for paying delivery, pickup, and 90-day rental in advance of the container’s delivery. You will then be billed on a monthly cycle if the container is needed after 90 days. 


We can deliver containers for an additional fee. We deliver on a semi with a tilt trailer. Customer drive must be hard-packed stone, asphalt, or concrete. We can go across a lawn or field, but this at our driver’s discretion. If the truck gets stuck on your property, it is the customer’s responsibility for all towing-related costs.

We must know which way to load the container on the trailer to be unloaded in the correct orientation.

  • Doors to the front of trailer = Doors will come off of the trailer last.
  • Doors to the rear of trailer = Doors will come off of the trailer first.

Pick Up

Please make sure you bring the correct size trailer to pick up your container.

  • 20’ container weighs 5,000 pounds
  • 40’ standard height container weighs 8,500 pounds
  • 40’ High Cube container weighs 10,000 pounds

You can legally haul 13’6” tall, therefore…

  • 20’ and 40’ standard height container is 8’6” tall, so your trailer and any cribbing may not exceed 5’ in height. 
  • 40’ High Cube container is 9’6” tall, so your trailer and any cribbing may not exceed 4’ in height.

It is the customer’s responsibility to chain down the container after we load your trailer. 

Buyback of Container

We understand that things change in your life, job transfers, etc. We offer to buy back your container when you no longer need it, and we will pay 40% of your purchase price, minus any delivery charges.

We can also move containers from one location to another. We are not responsible for any damage to the contents inside of the container. Again this is a driver discretion call, too much weight, top-heavy load, or overweight load.


We require all rental or leased containers to have insurance, with an Equipment Value of $4,000. We also can provide insurance for an additional fee. Talk to your salesperson and remember this is only for a lease or rental.

Extended Warranty

We offer an extended warranty. Yearly we would come out and inspect the container, the roof, lubricate doors, and inspect the floor.


What color is the container?

We try to buy brown, but we do get blue, red, orange, green, and occasionally yellow. So if you plan to paint it, let us know as we may have an ‘ugly duckling’ color in stock that could be perfect for you.

How hard is it to modify the container?

Anyone with basic mechanical and tool skills can do a great job modifying a container. YouTube has a lot of DIY videos, which are very helpful. We have used a standard cutting torch, plasma cutter, and right angle grinder. We would NOT recommend using a Sawzall. Make sure you use a square and take your time, use the correct PPE depending on what tool you are using.

Can I pick up my container?

Yes. Please read our PICK UP information above.

I rented my container, but I decided I want to keep it?

We would be happy to convert your rental/lease to an outright sale. Please call us for details.